I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. It’s not that I’ve not had anything to post, in fact a lot has happened since my last post. This post has been a long time coming and I’m happy to finally be able to write it.

I have being doing a lot of crochet recently so I’ve got lots of posts lined up and some new releases for my shop, so make sure to keep updated! I have also been busy making videos for my new youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/EtherealWorkshop. There are no videos uploaded at the moment as I am still making edits, however I’m hoping to have the first one up some time next week 😀 I’m very excited!!!

And that’s not the only good news. I was also nominated for two awards :3 !!!!!!

The first award was the Liebster Award by MonsterYarns. This really brightened up my day (thank you MonsterYarns!).

If you don’t know what the Liebster Award is (like I didn’t) I did a little bit of research and found out it’s a bit like a chain letter for blogs that aren’t that well known (under 3’000 followers). After you’ve received it you then pass it on to others and you get a neat badge too :).


The person who gave it to you asks questions about you. You answer them and when you pass it on you ask questions to the people you nominated.

These are the questions I was asked and answers:

1. Knitting or Crochet and why?

Crochet because I like being able to make cute things like Amigurumi 🙂 however I would like to learn to knit.

2. Cats or Dogs and why?

Both, I can’t decide. I’d like in the future to have both as pets and other animals too (especially reptiles).

3. Three items you couldn’t be without on a Desert Island.

My Bible, (solar powered) Laptop and my arts and crafts supplies.

4. Do you have brothers/sisters or are you an only child?

I have an older brother and sister and two younger brothers.

5. Why blog?

I wanted to be able to express myself through my blog and to enjoy other people’s blogs. I love being part of the blogging community and have found some really great blogs to follow.

6. Are you a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full person?

It depends on how I’m feeling but when I feel half-empty I think well lets go fill up.

7. Should a man turn the toilet seat down or do you not care?

DOWN!!! I hate when men leave the toilet seat up.

8. Do you still hand-write letters?

Yes I do 🙂

Once again, a huge thank you MonsterYarns, it’s a huge honour to know a blog I follow is actually interested in my blog! So really a huge thanks!

Now here is a list of the people I want to nominate:

1. For the Knit of it

2. Sew in Love

3. Crayons and milk

4. The Green Dragonfly


and here are my questions:

1.  What does blogging mean to you?

2. What is your favourite course, Starter, Main or Dessert?

The next day I logged on to find that I had received another award: The wonderful team member award 😀 from tinkerbellknits!Thank you so much tinkerbellknits! I really am grateful 🙂

For this award you have to nominate 14 other blogs, so here are my 14 and the page you can put on your blog if I nominated you:


1. Lyricinnovations

2. “Teacher… what?”

3. spice of life

4. Vegetarian Lunchbox

5. The Ranting Panda

6. AlpacaLover

7.ariel In Kawaiiland

8. Rilakkuma Desu

9. fibersandfables

10. Recipe Adaptors


12. pillowsalamode



Again thank you to both MonsterYarns and Tinkerbellknits 🙂 both blogs are definitely worth checking out!