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New Etsy shop release :D Octopus Amigurumi!

My newest (and only) item in my etsy shop, there’s only one so get it while you can 🙂



Here is an amigurumi bear I made inspired by Amigurumi Kingdom 🙂 I mad it a long time ago, finally here is the post. Here he is just chilling in my lunchbox.

I’ve made lot’s of amigurumi recently, I love how fun it is 🙂 I’m sorry I have not posted in so long. I’ve had to do a lot of my exams so have been revising lots and lots.


Please check out my handmade scarfs which I have now put up for sale on Etsy:



I’ve been crocheting a lot recently. I’ve made a bear and a octopus which I will upload soon 🙂

Thank you,

Ethereal Workshop

Crochet flower hair clip

Here is another picture of my Hair clips that are available from my Etsy shop. Please check them out!

Crochet flowers

My crochet flowers


Yay finally the Etsy shop is up and running! There is only one item up at the moment but I hope to put more up tonight. So far I only have crochet hair clips but I will also be putting up scarves. I would be very grateful if you could check it out 🙂