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A world for me

A picture I drew to incorporate in the ethereal workshop logo, I filled it with lot’s of things I likes 🙂 majoritly food haha. Not my greatest colouring. Look I even featured the octopus I’m selling.


While procrastinating from my Japanese revision I came across these tasty photos from my last trip to Wag’s while flicking through my camera. If only learning Japanese was like a trip to wagamama’s; easy and tasty.


ImageAnd here’s my favourite, the katsu curry:


Yummy display

Yummy food display from my favourite place in Oxford Chateau Gateau

Sweet treats

Macarons and toffee from my favourite cafe in Oxford

After missing my coach *cough cough* on purpose *cough cough* I’ve ended up staying in Cambridge for a few more days. Me and my friend decided to visit one of our favourite places….Wagamama’s. We decided to be adventurous and try something different from our usual katsu curry. Last time I went I picked the teppanyaki dish teriyaki beef soba which tasted delicious but wasn’t cheap at all. This time we decided to go for the cheaper option of yaki soba with a side dish of sticky rice.

We had an interesting waitress who seemed to flirt with all the guys. Me and my friend noticed she seemed to save all her smiles and attention for him, while only giving me a serious look on the few times she payed me attention. But, to be honest I didn’t mind as she was overall a good waitress and her flirting wasn’t irritating enough to annoy me.

After enjoying our meal we then decided to look at the desert menu (something we have never done in wagamama’s before). We setled on the ice lollys which I thought would be a waste of money but infact I thought they were worth it. They were brought on a plate by the male waitor who warned us of their sweetness. Oh my goodness they were sweet! They were so delicious and pretty guilt free considering they had 0% on most things e.g. fat content.

Overall the meal only came up to over £13 (which is roughly the same as the teriyaki beef soba on it’s own) which was good for a main, side dish, two green teas, two waters and two ice lollys.

Overall I’d give it a 7/10 purely because the chicken in the dish was a bit rubbery and it wasn’t as flavoursome as the beef soba but it was great value for money.

With my Etsy shop up and running I’ve been very happy 🙂 …but nervous at the same time :S I have never put anything up for sale before and the whole idea of it is quite daunting. Even the thought of someone buying something is quite scary as I worry they won’t like it, but it’s exciting at the same time.

I am currently visiting a friend in Cambridge who if it wasn’t for I would probably not have had the courage to set up the shop, so I am very grateful to that person. Before making the long coach journey (3 hours 20 minutes) from Oxford to Cambridge to see them, I decided to pop into a new resturaunt/takeaway joint that has opened up infront of the coach stop. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it but will definitely be blogging about it again.

I was captivated by the brightness and newness of the shop (as most of the other shops look like they have been there for quite some time) and the fact that it serves asian food.

I am still yet to find a good asian resturaunt in Oxford (besides Wagamama’s) and to find a replacment for the Thai noodle van in Luton that I love so much. I thought this place would be worth a try.

Inside it was very clean and brightly lit with not much seating due to the small size of the place. The menu was not cheap but considering they gave me a pot full of sweet thai chili sauce with my thai spring rolls that I ordered I wasn’t going to complain. They were brought to me in a cute little takeaway carton in good timing and with a smile (can’t beat good service). Another thing I liked was that they had all the nutritional information for each dish on a leaflet you could pick up on entering or leaving.

Sitting on the coach, I could not wait to try the spring rolls and they did not dissapoint. They were nice and crispy on the outside, and well filled on the inside. The chili sauce pot they gave me was also a nice addition.

Although they tasted amazing, spring rolls never quite do a food joint full justice as it dosen’t display the quality of the rest of the dishes available. Wether it is better than the noodle van in Luton, I am yet to find out but it definitely made the journey to Cambridge a lot more enjoyable and will definitely be going back there on my return to Oxford.

I would give the place a 4/5 stars. It’s definitely worth a check out.