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Wow to think half of this year has gone by! Have had so many great sporting events this year, the winter olympics, Wimbledon, World cup, Glastonbury and the tour de france (which passed through cambridge and London this year :D)

I can’t believe the winter olympics happened so long ago! I loved the British commentary from Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood from the extreme park. The presenters were hilarious; here are a few of my favourite comments by them:

“When you go to the zoo you don’t want to see the sleeping lions, you want to go see the penguins first, that’s were all the fun is”

“It’s like two doormen bearing down on a drunk patron”

“I can feel my pulse in my lower intestine”

“She’s got a face that could help bread rise”

The world cup was so crazy! So many shockers from Brazil losing 7-1 to Germany to Suarez biting a player for the third time! Even with all the controversy the games were very enjoyable and showed some great sportsmanship from some of the teams. I loved watching the underdogs do their best and I thought Australia did amazing considering they were the lowest rank.

I myself have done a lot this year hence why I have been slow to update a post. Actually the biggest thing which has taken the most time has been sorting out temporary withdrawal from my course at uni. Now with that all sorted I have the rest of the year to look to the future and focus on Ethereal Workshop.

I have a few posts prepared to update you all on the last 7 months were I will include things I’ve done, recipes I’ve perfected and my return to sewing. Also I’m going too Amsterdam in 2 months so am looking forward to that :3

Thank you to those who have followed my blog and I hope you will continue to stay with me along my journey!




Here is an amigurumi bear I made inspired by Amigurumi Kingdom 🙂 I mad it a long time ago, finally here is the post. Here he is just chilling in my lunchbox.

I’ve made lot’s of amigurumi recently, I love how fun it is 🙂 I’m sorry I have not posted in so long. I’ve had to do a lot of my exams so have been revising lots and lots.


Please check out my handmade scarfs which I have now put up for sale on Etsy:



I’ve been crocheting a lot recently. I’ve made a bear and a octopus which I will upload soon 🙂

Thank you,

Ethereal Workshop

These photo’s are a bit old now but I thought I’d upload them anyway. These were from my first attempt with cold porcelain. I’d never made it before so it didn’t come out great but for a first try I thought I did ok. As you can tell from the table I made a lot of mess.


Cold porcelain is a type of handmade modelling clay a bit like polymer clay accept it air drys instead of needing to be heated. It can be made out of household products and is really simple and easy to make. If you would like a tutorial please leave a comment.


Oh dear…this is what happened after my little brother found them. The poor octopus lost his hat.  Later he completely destroyed them but at least I still have photo’s haha.


Here is the piggy I made just for him. Luckily he hasn’t destroyed this one. I’m thinking of selling some cold porcelain figurines in my etsy shop

If I do I am going to sell them for 95p as they are quite small. I am willing to take requests from people so if there is anything you’d like made for you then please leave me a message. As long as it’s not to big otherwise it may be a little more than just 95p.


Crochet flower hair clip

Here is another picture of my Hair clips that are available from my Etsy shop. Please check them out!

Crochet flowers

My crochet flowers

Cold porcelain seal

“I don’t look much like a seal”